Monday, April 26, 2010

goodinvites {New on Esty!}

I've written before about how much I love  goodinvites, a
St. Louis-based paper design company.   I love it because one of my friends owns it...but don't let my bias take away from these fantastic invitations....

I can have a vision for what I want any type of party invite to be and Margaret at goodinvites can match it, or make it even better!!

Lucky for you, goodinvites is now on Esty!

If you're planning a party of any kind, or like me, you just have a very, very unnatural obsession with social papers, check out all of Marg's fabulous designs....

...or enlist her to create an invitation exclusive to your event- she loves to go custom!


Kelly said...

Love it! I am crazy for invites too.

Carey said...

What adorable invites! I'll definitely keep her in mind next time we are throwing a party! Hope you have a fab week!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Love those invites and love the new blog look. I just did invites for Grant's birtday we just had and it was so hard because there are so many cute ones out there! Speaking of cards- I am doing a Cid Pear giveaway next week so be sure to come by. They just got thru doing cards for Katie and Surie Cruise and the Kardashians. Love ya
XOXO Jessica

Shannon said...

Oh my this is perfect! I've been searching invites online. I need some for my an anniversary party for my parents (a surprise) and GG's first b'day. I'm heading to check her out now! Thanks for this!


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