Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar! {Eat Like the Stars...or Mr. W}

Are you going to a fun Oscar party???

I'm not! You would think 'burbanites would be rolling out faux red carpets everywhere...and they might be. If you recall, I have but two friends in a 30 mile radius of my house.

I would be game for hosting a soiree myself if I thought all my starlet pals would make a road trip up to Canada the 'burbs on a school night to come watch with me, just to see if maybe Tim and Faith show up with Keith and Nicole, but I'm too nice to even force a gracious No thanks from them...

Instead, I'll make Mr. W watch with me. Or more so, I will bribe him. With this....

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Chicken Pot Pie. When I read this week that Wolfgang Puck was serving up pot pie to Clooney et al at the Governors Ball, I was a little surprised. How folksy of the Puck! 

photo credit: Reuters
I do love it when things are dressed up but still very downhome (says the girl who had mini grilled cheeses at her wedding reception...).  WP's Pot Pie is of course has truffles in it. Y-u-m.

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Now, the odds of me finding truffles at my neighorbood Giant? SLIM! The odds that even if I did I'd drop the cash to put them in a pot pie? NONE. 

High, however, are the odds that Mr. Dubs can be coaxed to watch some red carpet action and maybe even an hour or so of the
Awards if I just make my mom's simple Chicken Pot Pie recipe!

So, that's what I will be making! Ashely over at It's My Party has some super clever ideas for a real Oscar party, though....go check her blog if you want something far sassier than pot pie!

But just in case you live near a fancy grocery, here's WP's recipe!


DC said...

OMG, you will have to tell us just how unbelievably delicious this is going to be! I can smell it now... yum!

Glad you found us on the tweetster!Thanks so much for your note. We will make sure to add you to our blogroll! And stop by and visit with the DC Ladies anytime!

Shelley and Sarah

Miss Janice said...

Sounds good to me. I'm unsure if I'll be watching the Oscars tonight as I had planned. We are leaving in a few minutes to drive to Tampa to visit a very sick friend.


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