Tuesday, March 9, 2010

gmail for G'ma

This weekend I went laptop shopping.  For my grandmother.  She turns 80 on Friday.  How fantastic is that? (The laptop for a grandmother part - not that turning 80 is something at which you should sneeze...)

My grandma  - who everyone, even my friends, just calls Fran (I still call her Grandma) - has hinted that she wants to "be online".  She's heard rumblings about this Facebook thing, where people have seen pictures of her dancing...

Left: G'ma Fran

....and pictures of her grandchildren, and pictures of her "adopted" grandchildren's children. She has played with technology, before...WebTV and such, but she's never had too much time for the Internets. Things change when you turn 80, I guess...and after years of traveling around the country, she's ready to travel around the interwebs.

As a gift for her 80th birthday, the family is giving her a computer.  I hope she likes it. She tends to prefer diamonds. (Note to self: Bookmark DeBeers.com on Fran's new machine)

I'm going to set up an email address for her, and maybe even a Facebook page. So, those of you who know Fran in the real world be prepared to start knowing her in the wide-web'ed one, too. I'll be sending you her email address, in hopes that when she gets her new birthday laptop up and running, she will have plenty of  www - that's Grandma html for Well Wishes Waiting - on her.....


Miss Janice said...

This is too funny and I hope G'ma has a great 80th birthday!

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

Very cute post!! And, Happy Birthday to your G'ma!


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