Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Week!

In my family, you don't just have a birthday...you have a Birthday Week. It sounds like a very spoiled experience and it sort of is, just not in a rotten way!  I'm not talking Super Sweet 16 type gifts here, just fun little happies leading up to the grand finale!

My Birthday Week began Sunday!

After a weekend in Atlantic City, gambling away our nest egg in the spirit of Bachelor Party, Mr W greeted me with the first Birthday Week gift - a fun gossip magazine and a lotto scratch card. A bag of cheetos and you'd think I was Brintey Spears, no?

Let me explain the signficance of the scratcher.
Dressed for dinner in my jammie pants - that's how I roll

After watching some TLC shows about lottery winners, I've been a tad preoccupied with winning $1000 a week for life. I think a nice little bonus like an extra $52,000 a year would be far better than hitting some mega-millions jackpot. You'd think this, too, if you saw what lottery windfalls do to most winners (at least as told by TLC)! So, I'll be getting a Set For Life scratch card every day during Birthday Week. Here's hoping it cures my itch for winning. 

So far...no luck.
When you reach the 30s, you no longet fear sharing unflattering photos of yourself

My Birthday Week treat for Monday was not cooking....Mr. Dubs brought home sushi from my fave place. How do you say "yum" in Japenese?

Do you have special birthday traditions in your family?


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday week! That's a fun tradition :-) The only birthday tradition I have is that my mom makes me a cake and has my grandparents over to celebrate, no matter how old I am, they never miss a birthday.

Hope you win some money on the scratch offs!!

Carey said...

Well that sounds so fun! Happy bday week :)
Unfortunately bdays weren't really a huge deal in my family. I mean I had a party and all growing up but as we got older the celebrations kind of dwindled. My hubs family is super into birthdays and everyone no matter how old has some kind of hoopla including cakes balloons and streamers!

Anne S said...

We do the same thing in our family! Sometimes birthday week even turns into birthday month (mostly because my dad's bday is the day after mine, the my cousin Casie's is the day after that). Michael was shocked at the thought, but I'm determined to carry out the birthday week tradition moving forward!

Kelly said...

I love birthdays and spoil my kids a bit. Donuts for the birthday boy or girl to start the day then cupcakes or treats for their class (not for my teenage boys anymore) and then their favorite dinner or restaurant with the extended family.


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