Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby W's First Picture

 My friend Anne has been ready to mommy since the day I met her. It's no secret among those who know me well that I'm a tad uncertain about motherhood. I had a moment around age 28 when I felt the first ticking of my Clock, but once I hit snooze, the alarm has not again sounded....

Anne, a newlywed like me, is trying very hard to set my Clock to hers. She even sent me a photo of what a Baby Dubs might look like....

Bless its heart. Baby W looks like a little alien. Only a mother could love those ears all the way in the back of his egg-shaped head.

Dear Anne - This helps your case not at all. Especially when your baby is going to be recruited from utero by Gerber to be on all its jars.

Look at those cheecks! So cute.

What, you thought by "first picture" I was going to debut an ultra-sound photo?

Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.


Carey said...

Hahahaha a good laugh to start the day! I'm sorry that your baby looks like an alien...I'm sure when u really have one it will be cute as a button :)

And I admit it I came looking for an ultrasound and ready to write congrats! :)

Anne S said...

I am STILL laughing about this!! What people don't know is that Baby Alien was actually a misfire... I cut too much of Dan's face off in the original so the program didn't have much to go off on. The second pic was MUCH cuter, and looks like a human being! You and Dan are going to be amazing parents, there is NO reason to wait! We coordinated our weddings together, can't we do the same with our offspring? :-)

Ashley Bray said...

OMG - that is so funny. I'm so glad you can't trust those, babies are so much cuter.
I really thought I was going to say Congrats! but can't wait for the real time.


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