Friday, November 6, 2009

Decked Halls, Decked Walls - Lucketts Holiday Open House

I just had to fan myself from the overwhelming giddiness that erupted from my heart at the sight of these pictures from Lucketts Design House.  Like Dolly Parton, LDH is solid proof that good things come from tiny, Southern towns.

Lucketts is my most favorite place in all the land.  Through three different old, ecclectic, beautifully decorated homes and a flea-market style parking lot, you can surround yourself with, among other things, antiques, vintage clothes, carpets that are frilly, soft and wild, housewares beyond your imagination, candy and a hot dog stand that has hot chocolate. If you know where to look, sometimes there is even wine. Yes, to sip while you shop!

For the mega-fans like me who stalk the place, we're baited with sneak peaks at new merchandise. Try to contain yourself as you see what's being showcased....

If Santa and Mrs. Claus had a daughter, this is what her room would look like

Even if I leave Lucketts empty handed, I always shoplift the most clever ideas for home decor or tablescaping. If I steal any this weekend, I'll be certain to share with you!

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